Social Facilities

Date Updated: 29 December 2011, Views:17315

Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone, has established eligible construction for industry as well as prioritized healthy living and unity through its' social facilities. Housing a football pitch, tennis court, basketball area, volleyball court, closed swimming pool, fitness center and restaurant, the DOSAB Social Facilities is one of most important aspects that demonstrates zone's well established and different perspective. Social facilities offers complimentary sport opportunities to DOSAB industrialists to let off work induced stress and also plays a role that develops unity around the zone. DOSAB, started social premises project first with fitness center and restaurant in additional services building at Gül Street in 2007. Following that center has transformed to administration building in 2009, new social facilities has built at Çiğdem Street with 1,550 meter squared closed and total of 1,800 meter squared area.

Restaurant: Taken into service at June 2010 the DOSAB Restaurant, serves with 150 people main hall and 200 - 250 people of capacity open air garden. It has a well equipped kitchen of 80 meter squared area. Restaurant also have a separate hall of 30 - 50 people capacity to be used for meetings, business dinners, corporate organizations and training seminars. Barcovision, wireless Internet access, summer - winter place alternatives are present. Experienced staff is serve delights from Italian cuisine as well as Turkish kitchen's most known and admired meals.

Closed Swimming Pool: There is a closed and heated swimming pool in Social Premises with 7.5 x 17 meter in size.

Fıtness Center: Established in 2007, DOSAB Health Club, offers healthy living and sport opportunities to industrialists with club owned 400 meter squared area, professional trainers and modern equipment. In addition to that facility there is a 85 meter squares studio, table tennis, separate locker rooms for women and men, separate saunas and steam rooms, massage room and areas for relaxing.

Tennis Court: Standard sized tennis court is planned as multi functional sport facility. Court is also used as volleyball ground and one rim basketball area.

Football Pitch: Prepared with world class material, carpet football pitch, has a size of 37x57 meter and also has its' own locker room and baths. The pitch used by zone workers as well as housing Traditional Factories DOSAB Football Tournament.