Natural Gas-Energy Efficiency

Date Updated: 25 October 2016, Views:12865

Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone is meeting natural gas requirement of companies at the zone thanks to agreements made with gas suppliers and through zone's own distribution network. According to protocol signed between Petroleum Transportation Via Pipe Lines Co. (BOTAŞ) and DOSAB in the January 26, 2004, ownership, maintenance and operation responsibility of Demirtaş RMS-A, Entek MS-A and 55 customer stations at the zone that owned by BOTAŞ as well as steel distribution line which is providing gas supply to these stations has been taken over by DOSAB. Due to insufficiency of lines mentioned, a natural gas infrastructure project has been started at May 2004 and completed in 150 calendar days. Therefore, DOSAB's natural gas infrastructure has achieved its' final and sufficient situation. In order to standardize the equipment used in natural gas materials, there has been carried out a tender related to 250 RMS-C stations in October, 2004. However, taken over natural gas steel line has been passing through 9 industrial parcel, and by the stopple operation made without cut out zone's gas in July 2004, lines which violating parcel has been carried to road and by-passed. By the time of February 2015, DOSAB has a total of 174 natural gas subscriber. Natural gas consumption of 2015 in the zone was 202,830,661 cubic meter.

Energy efficiency works has carried out within the natural gas department in DOSAB Administration Structure. DOSAB Energy Management Unit has been established according to Energy Efficiency Law and in this context, staff has taken required training as well as there has been awareness studies taken place for zone's companies. Zones' companied has started energy efficiency project in 2014.