Date Updated: 25 October 2016, Views:9050

Demirtaş Organized Industry Zone, has made remarkable investment to minimize adverse effects to environments and these efforts are continuing. DOSAB has awarded to Most Environmental OIZ by Ministry of Environment and Forestry in 2009 and Most Environment Cautious Facility by Turkey Health Cities Association in 2011 and 2012.

Studies related to Waste Water Treatment Facility, Water Contamination Control, Solid Waste Disposal Management, Emission Control and Management, Controlling Dangerous Chemicals, Noise Control, Kerb Cleaning has continued meticulously and aspects of responsibilities to human health and environment has followed completely.

In the scope of Water Contamination Control, industrial waste water of companies in the zone has discharged to DOSAB Waste Water Grid and has treated in central Waste Water Treatment facility which has been commissioned in 2007 according to standards.

In Emission Control and Monitoring, facilities subject to emission license has provided to take mentioned license according to ‘Regulation Related to Controlling Air Pollution Arising From Industrial Facilities’.

When it comes to Solid Waste Disposal and Management, regulation requirements about Domestic and Harmless Process Wastes, Packing Wastes, Dangerous Wastes, Medical Wastes, Controlling of Dangerous Chemicals, Noise Control has been met cautiously. Domestic wastes and harmless industrial wastes stored in two container in facility and collected by to trucks allocated. Domestic wastes has been sent to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality City Solid Waste Storage Area and harmless industrial wastes has been sent to Bursa Cement Plant to disposal process.

There are 160,000 meter squared automatically irrigable green area in DOSAB. Beside that, all of the roads, kerbs and rain grids has been cleaned by vacuumed street sweeping machine.