Date Updated: 25 October 2016, Views:12485

Demirtaş Organized Industry Zone is one of the zones which has completed all infra and superstructure investments with latest enhancements. Electricity, natural gas, rain and process water, utility water, waste water, telecommunication, SCADA networks, sewage infrastructure investment, road and landscaping works has finalized. When it comes to superstructure; all of zone's streets has been paved with asphalt and also cobblestone, kerb and pavement arrangement, traffic direction and information signs and green field designs has completed. There are 40 kilometer of road exists in the zone. 160,000 meter squared automatic irrigable green land has allocated. 24,3 km of rain water line and 23.7 km of sewage line has been laid. Utility and process water system renovation works has completed at the beginning of 2008. Thanks to 2 process water tank that has a capacity of 10,000 tons has been made, it is possible to provide more stable, reliably pressured and more streamlined process water. Additionally, infrastructure investment of enhanced treatment which will be used for recycling discharged water from water facility has been planned.

By 2015, total utility water subscriber number is 329, process water subscriber number is 55.